Friday, September 26, 2008



The lathe machine uses a single-point-cutting tool for a variety of turning, facing, and drilling jobs. Excess metal is removed by rotating the work piece over the fixed cutting tool to form straight or tapered cylindrical shapes, grooves, shoulders and screw threads. It can also be used for facing flat surfaces on the ends of cylindrical parts.
The work piece is clamped onto a horizontal rotating shaft by a 3-jaw or 4-jaw chuck. The latter chuck can be used to cut off-centered cylinders. The rotating horizontal spindle to which the chuck is attached is usually driven at speeds that can be varied.
The cutting tool is fixed onto a tool rest and manipulated by hand. It can also be power driven on straight paths parallel or perpendicular to the work axis. This is useful for screw cutting.
Internal turning known as boring results in the enlargement of an already existing hole. The holes are more accurate in roundness, concentricity, and parallelism than drilled holes. A hole is bored with a single-point-cutting tool that feeds along the inside of the workpiece.


20" Series Engine Lathes combine accuracy, simplicity and affordability to bring you a proven industry leader. Tested under the most demanding work conditions, this lathe turns rings around other lathes in their class. Longem 20" Series Lathes have just the right amount of engineering to afford simplicity of operation, coupled with plain and simple rugged reliability. In addition, built in safety features with the safety interlock eliminating the simultaneous engagement of the feed and threading motion, place these machines in a field of their own - unparalleled in performance.
A few of the outstanding features on the Longem 20" Series Lathes are a cross ribbed headstock for added strength and stability, with anti-friction mounted shafts and dynamically balanced components; hardened and ground alloy steel gears, shafts and splines, and an oversized precision chrome alloy spindle with a big 3-1/8" thru hole that is mounted in double row radial roller bearing in the front, single row radial thrust ball bearing and single direction thrust ball bearing at the rear and radial ball bearing in the middle. These large spindle bearings give the 17-24" Series Lathe greater radial and thrust capacities ensuring very precise turning capabilities.
Available in 40", 60" and 80" center distances, the Longem 20" Series Engine Lathe feature hardened and precision ground bed ways on a heavy one-piece close grain cast bed that is fully ribbed for maximum stability and even thermal expansion. Standard on every machine is a quick-change gearbox for cutting Metric, Module, and Diametrical Pitch threads as well as standard American threads.


  1. 10 HP main motor
  2. 56 kinds of inch threads
  3. 24 speeds from 11.2 to 1600 rpm
  4. Automatic longitudinal feed stop
  5. D1-8 camlock with 3 1/8" spindle bore
  6. Main spindle hardened & precision ground
  7. Bed made of fine grain high tensile cast iron
  8. Bedways induction hardened & precision ground
  9. All gears & shafts hardened & precision ground
  10. 4-way rapid traverse to carriage & cross slide
  11. Automatic lubrication system in headstock & feed box
  12. Main spindle supported at 3-point by precision bearings
  13. Fully clutched headstock for longer life & soft stop-start
  14. Automatic disengagement of hand wheel
  15. Unloading device in tailstock
  16. Carriage coated with Turcite-B for smooth movement and wear resistance


Standard accessories:

  • 12" (315mm) 3-jaw scroll chuck
  • 16" (400mm) 4-jaw chuck
  • 20" (500mm) face plate
  • drive plate
  • follow rest
  • "T" slot style compound
  • 4-way toolpost
  • 4-way rapid traverse
  • full length splash guard
  • chip pan
  • centers & sleeves
  • pedal brake device
  • coolant system
  • work light
  • instruction manual
  • tool kits

Optional accessories:
  • 2-AXIS digital readout
  • taper turning attachment
  • 10" (250mm) big steady rest with rollers
  • quick change toolpost with holders
  • chuck guard
  • travel guard
  • thread chasing dial
  • machine mounts